Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christmas Shopping..

I have made it my goal to not pay full price for any Christmas gifts this year. So far, minus 2 items (bad! but I couldn't risk waiting on them), I have done surprisingly well! This comes as a huge shock to those who know me, because I am famous for waiting until the very last second and have even done all my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve one year! EEK! :) So, in my newest approach to living a more frugal lifestyle, I am starting my Christmas shopping early and I am only shopping sales, clearance items, and/or using coupons.
My first official shopping trip was Wednesday and here is what I found:

Old Navy having a 40% off their clearance items. So what was already reduced by about half, was being reduced, again at 40%! I bought 6 shirts, all a size above what my daughters are wearing now for $10.20 !!!

Toys R Us is having clearance sales on a ton of their toys. Here is a hint though: Search online first. The reason why is because the stores are running out of clearance stock. Although be careful, because a coupon just released says it is for in-store purchases only. However, the items that I wanted for my daughter were only online, so I was willing to forgo the coupon. Although this didn't stop me from buying a few clearance items while I was there, OH! and pre-order my copy of Toy Story 3! Check out Holli's blog about how to get Beauty and the Beast for next to nothing by pre-ordering Toy Story 3!

Barnes and Nobles had a huge table full of 75% off items. Included were books, games, stationary, pens, dry erase boards, and a few knick knacks. 75% off!!!! I picked up a few more items there as well!

Walgreens  has Tinkerbell journals with pen for .99 (originally 1.99) , which was a score for me, because one of my daughters is in love with Tinkerbell. And they also have Hot Wheels 2 for $2 on sale, so I picked up 2 for my son.

Michaels Every week in the Sunday paper, Michaels has a 40% ff coupon. Moreover, every time you buy something at Michaels, they give you a 40% off coupon with your receipt! So, I bought my daughter a huge scrapbooking kit for $9.66 when it was originally $14.99! And I have a coupon to go back with and buy another 40% off item, (which will generate another 40% off at the register) and then Sunday I will have yet another 40% off coupon! My kids love crafts, so these coupons are the best! Especially because years prior, I was paying full price for everything! EEK! :)

So that was my first Christmas shopping trip. I must say, Holli has me beat! Check out how that dealin' diva scores the big savings and follow her advice!

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  1. But Anne, you are actually thinking first then buying things for specific people. I buy first and divvy up what I have. You are doing awesome! You make me want to go shopping!!!