Friday, October 29, 2010

Colorado Springs Independent

Every Thursday the Colorado Springs Independent brings you coupons, scheduled events, and ways to help out in the community.
Grab your Oct 28th-Nov 3rd for:

October 29th
5:00 pm Dia de los Muertos - Cottonwood Center for the Arts Page 25
5:30 pm Boo at the Zoo Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Page 43
7:00 pm Colorado College vs Minnesota World Arena Page 42
7:00 pm Dracula Production Damon Runyon Repertory Pueblo Page 43
7:00 pm Halls of Horror Blood Carnival  at Bessemer Historical Society/Steelworks Museum of Industry and Culture in Pueblo Page 43
7:30 pm Family friendly pumpkin carving and beer brewing Cambio Studios Page 45

October 30th
9:00 am Journey to the Soul Retreat The Body Works Page 52
10:00 am  Scavenger Hunt at Western Museum of Mining and Industry Page 24
10:00 am  Emma Crawford Festival  Page 24
12:00 pm  Parade at Emma Crawford Festival Page 24
12:00 pm Halloween OPen House (kids up to 12) at Colorado Springs Conservatory Page 45
 2:30 pm  "Psycho" Colorado Springs Philharmonic Page 24
4:00 pm  Mr. Biggs Family Fun Center "family-friendly treating" Page 24
5:00 pm  Monsters Brew Ball - City Auditorium Page 24
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm Boo at the Zoo, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Page 24
6:00 pm  After Party-Costume Contest (Emma Crawford Coffin Races)  Swirl Wine Bar Page 24
6:30 pm  Murder at Macabre Manor Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts Page 24
6:30 pm Heritage Ghost Tours (leave every 14 minutes) Maintou Springs Heritage Center Page 43
7:00 pm Beginners Line Dancing with Halloween theme The Carriage Stop Page 45
7:00 Halls of Horror Blood Carnival at Bessemer Historical Society/Steelworks Museum of Industry and Culture in Pueblo Page 43
7:00 pm  Colorado College vs. Minnesota World Arena Page 42
7:00 pm Halls of Horror 7 Blood Carnival Bessemer Historical Society /Steelworks Museum of Industry and Culture ( Page 24
7:00 pm Haunted Mines Western Museum and Industry ( Page 24
7:00 pm Hell Scream Haunted House Mr. Biggs Family Fun Center ( Page 24
7:00 pm Mind Seizure Haunted House Colorado Springs Flea Market ( Page 24
7:00 pm  Annual Halloween Mock Rock Extravaganza at Jack Quinn's Page 13
8:00 pm  "Psycho" Colorado Springs Philharmonic  Page 24

8:00 pm  Paintings on display of "death ferriers" at blacKiowa Gallery Page 24
8:00 pm Darryl Worley concert McMahon Theater at Fort Carson Page 25
8:00 pm "Pieces" Watch This Space Page 25

October 31st
2:00 pm Fall Festival 2010 Bradley Road Baptist Church (first 50 kids get pumpkins and treat bags) Page 43
2:30 pm "Halloween Magic" Colorado Springs Philharmonic concert for kids Page 45
3:00 pm Pipescreams costumed concert by American Guild of Organists First Christian Church  Page 43
5:30 pm "All Hallows Murder" Murder Mystery Dinner Briarhurst Manor (need reservations)
5:30 pm Halloween at the Homestead at Homestead Museum in Cripple Creek Page 43
5:30 pm Boo at the Zoo Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Page 43
7:00 pm Halls of Horror Blood Carnival Bessemer Historical Society/Steelworks Museum of Industry and Culture in Pueblo Page 43
7:00 pm Haunted Mines Take Over Page 43
8:00 pm Slim Cessna's Auto Club show at the Black Sheep Page 25

November 1st
7:00 pm "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake" at Pikes Peak Center Page 25

India Palace $5 off $20 Ticket coupon Page 26
Taste of Korea 10% off coupon Page 27
PJ's Bistro Buy One Get one 50% off dinner coupon Page 29
Mediterranean Cafe BOGO sandwich coupon Page 29
Briarhurst Manor Free Dessert with entree purchase coupon Page 28
Halla San Korean Cuisine $5.00 off any dinner item coupon Page 33
Independent Records and Videos $2.00 off any new CD, DVD or LP $9.99 and up coupon Page 35
Another Pint American Ale House BOGO ($4.99 and up) Breakfast  coupon Page 36
Couture Cupcakes & Cakes 50% off a cupcake when you mention seeing the ad in the Independent Page 45
Free Dance Fitness Class coupon at Springs Salsa & Dance Fitness Page 45
20% off all costumes at Fascinations coupon Page 46
Springs Vitality Spa Coupon Page 52
20% off on regularly priced item with coupon at Chefs Outlet Store Page 4
20% off health exam for Westside Animal Hospital coupon Page 11
$15 of rewards when signing up for Waste Connection Inc trash service (sign up and get 3 months recycling for free) coupon Page 10
Free Cut with Color coupon Spyce Salon and Spa Page 17

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Free Bowling Passes to hand out to your Trick or Treaters!

Whether you are debating whether to hand out candy or you suddenly run out of candy (GASP!), Brunswick Bowling Alley has Free Bowling Passes to print and pass out to trick or treaters! That is quite a treat! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Easy Truffles

If you stocked up on the free cream cheese at King Soopers this week here is a great recipe to use some of that cream cheese on!

Easy Truffles!
You will need:
One package of Regular Oreos, or 1 1/3 packages of speciality Oreo (mint or peanut butter)
One 8 oz package of cream cheese softened (fat free CC still makes them taste great!)
6 to 8 oz of milk chocolate chips
1-2 Tablespoons of shortening
A little powdered sugar

Open all cookies and scrape the "stuff" out of the middle into a bowl, put the cookies into a different bowl. Add softened cream cheese to the "stuff" and mix well.  Take cookies and pound, grind, do whatever you have to do to get them crushed like sand.  Take a big spoonful of cookie powder and set aside.  Mix remaining crushed cookies into the "stuff" mixture, mix well.  Roll cookie mixture into 1-inch balls (if mixture is too sticky, mix a little powdered sugar in to make it less so.)  Freeze for about an hour.
While balls are freezing, melt chocolate chips in double boiler (or in a small pot set inside of a bigger one that has boiling water in it.)  Add a bit of the shortening so thin out the chocolate (I guess at this part, you will know.  If it gets too thin, add more chocolate).
Remove the balls from freezer and dip into chocolate using a toothpick (I freeze the balls so they are firmer to stay on the toothpick during dipping.) Set dipped balls on waxed paper, sprinkle with a bit of the cookie dust you set aside and put in fridge for about an hour.
Makes about 45 truffles, depending on how much of the mixture you eat during the process!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Borders Bookstore 40% off coupon via email!

If you have the Borders Reward card, you should have received an email giving you a 40% off any one item coupon! It is only good through Saturday October 9th, so grab it and use it! The holiday season is approaching! You might find a perfect give AND say 40% on it!!! Oh! In-store only!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christmas Shopping..

I have made it my goal to not pay full price for any Christmas gifts this year. So far, minus 2 items (bad! but I couldn't risk waiting on them), I have done surprisingly well! This comes as a huge shock to those who know me, because I am famous for waiting until the very last second and have even done all my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve one year! EEK! :) So, in my newest approach to living a more frugal lifestyle, I am starting my Christmas shopping early and I am only shopping sales, clearance items, and/or using coupons.
My first official shopping trip was Wednesday and here is what I found:

Old Navy having a 40% off their clearance items. So what was already reduced by about half, was being reduced, again at 40%! I bought 6 shirts, all a size above what my daughters are wearing now for $10.20 !!!

Toys R Us is having clearance sales on a ton of their toys. Here is a hint though: Search online first. The reason why is because the stores are running out of clearance stock. Although be careful, because a coupon just released says it is for in-store purchases only. However, the items that I wanted for my daughter were only online, so I was willing to forgo the coupon. Although this didn't stop me from buying a few clearance items while I was there, OH! and pre-order my copy of Toy Story 3! Check out Holli's blog about how to get Beauty and the Beast for next to nothing by pre-ordering Toy Story 3!

Barnes and Nobles had a huge table full of 75% off items. Included were books, games, stationary, pens, dry erase boards, and a few knick knacks. 75% off!!!! I picked up a few more items there as well!

Walgreens  has Tinkerbell journals with pen for .99 (originally 1.99) , which was a score for me, because one of my daughters is in love with Tinkerbell. And they also have Hot Wheels 2 for $2 on sale, so I picked up 2 for my son.

Michaels Every week in the Sunday paper, Michaels has a 40% ff coupon. Moreover, every time you buy something at Michaels, they give you a 40% off coupon with your receipt! So, I bought my daughter a huge scrapbooking kit for $9.66 when it was originally $14.99! And I have a coupon to go back with and buy another 40% off item, (which will generate another 40% off at the register) and then Sunday I will have yet another 40% off coupon! My kids love crafts, so these coupons are the best! Especially because years prior, I was paying full price for everything! EEK! :)

So that was my first Christmas shopping trip. I must say, Holli has me beat! Check out how that dealin' diva scores the big savings and follow her advice!

Amazing deal at Safeway this weekend!

I hope everyone read Holli's blog on how to save money and use coupon-ing to its full advantage! She has some pretty great tips! :)
Okay you Safeway shoppers, this upcoming weekend Kraft dressing is on sale for $1.19 with card. However, if you have been clipping your coupons religiously, you will find in your stack, a coupon for $1.00 any Kraft dressing making this a .19 cent bottle of dressing!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Coupons, Stockpiling and Saving Money from Holli's Point of View

I'm fairly new to this whole couponing thing, having started in April after my daughter was born.  Luckily, my sister in law told me about the Bargain Blessings website and I pieced together information from there.  At first I relied solely on what she posted, but over the last few months I have started to become comfortable trying to find my own great deals.  
Before I figured it all out, I always saw those people on T.V. who could spend $5.00 for $200 worth of groceries and I wanted to be like that.  I would go out and buy a paper, cut the coupons and then head to the store to see what I could get.  It always came to be that the generic brands were cheaper unless I bought only one item when the coupon stated I needed to buy two.  I hated doing that, it was dishonest and I always thought I would get caught going through checkout, but I figured that is what these people HAD to be doing.  It isn't.  The key to this whole thing is realizing that 
Now that isn't only it, it is also realizing what is a good price and how much you need it but basically combine the two and you have the potential for a good deal. 
The whole concept of stockpiling as I see it is much like playing the stock market, BUY LOW!  Not when they sell high.  You buy as much as you can of an item that you can use or donate when the price is as low as you think it will go.  That will begin your stockpile.  Next time you need that item, instead of going to the store and paying full price, you will go to your cabinet and get it from where you stored it.  The reason for buying a lot of the same item is so that hopefully you don't need to purchase it again until it goes on sale again.  This will require a total change in thinking about how you shop.  
When you first start out, you most likely will not see a huge reduction in the amount you are spending, but you should see a substantial increase in the volume of stuff you are bringing home.  Over time this will not be the case as you stockpile things you would have bought and no longer need to add to your list.  Also at first, the price you are willing to pay for stuff is a little higher.  You have been paying $3.00 a stick for deodorant so $1.00 is a great deal, but when you have a stockpile of deodorant then you can start to be picky about it and setting your own personal price limits.  Right now I have 32 sticks of deodorant under my bathroom sink, my price limit is $.25.  If I see it for less than that, I will buy it if not I don't need it that badly.  This too is a difficult concept to adhere to because you see that good deal, you might not need it but it is a good deal.  Ask yourself a few questions: Do I need it? Can I wait for the next sale? Do I want my house to look like they do on the Hoarding shows? That will usually keep you in check.  
Personal price limits are just that, personal.  What I'm willing to pay for an item might be much more or less than someone else based on how much I have or need of that item.  For example, I refuse to pay for toothpaste, I would rather legally "steal" it with a good sale and a coupon.  But toothpaste is something that you cannot go without, so you might have to pay some money for it until you make it to the next big sale, THIS IS OK TO DO and I highly encourage it, especially if we are going to be talking face to face!    The key here is just buy one or two to get you through.  Over time (not a lot of time, I haven't been doing this that long), you will start to realize that lots of stuff goes on sale in cycles.  
Another thing to saving the most money is you CANNOT be brand loyal.  If you like Crest toothpaste, you might not be able to get it free when you need it or fill up your stockpile with that one brand.  It doesn't mean you can't save money on it, because you can, but you probably won't be able to save the MOST money because you use only one brand.  The people on T.V. paying $5.00 for a cart of groceries eat what is on sale, they wipe with the sale priced TP, they wash their clothes in the sale detergent.  Since that might seem like a con, let me give you a pro.  Not being brand loyal allows you to try other products that you probably wouldn't have tried and you might find something love.  I got some face wash and lip balm for free, so of course I tried it and I adore both of them!  I would not have spent $2.50 on lip balm, but since it was actually a money maker, heck yeah I got it and now I love it. 
Money Maker-  This also was a very difficult concept for me to grasp at first.  If I am making money, I want it in my pocket.  This is not the case in couponing.  A money maker is a deal that is so good, that the sale and coupons combined will leave money left over to take off of the other products in your cart.  A great example, Rolaids soft chews were 2 for $3.00 during one sale, since I had just had a baby we really didn't need any more heartburn meds in the house because we had so many left over.  But I had a coupon for $2.00 off each one making it $4.00 off two, giving me $1.00 that they took off of my total.  I MADE MONEY by buying those two Rolaids, which went directly into my donate box.  Very rarely will a store pay YOU actual cash to take things out of the store.  But often they will pay you in coupons that are exactly like cash.  Now onto:
Catalinas- Catalinas are those coupons and ads that print out at the register based on what you buy or have bought in the past.  Before I started organizing my shopping trips I rarely got a Catalina that was good on anything, usually it was a coupon for $.50 off of something.  This is because you have to buy so many products of the same type in the same transaction for the big ones to print out.  Catalinas (or Register Rewards as they are called at Walgreens) are manufacturer coupons that print out for a certain amount of money good off of your next transaction.  Often stores will pay you in these to take their products out of the store.  A perfect example happened a few weeks ago at Safeway.  Safeway was running a deal that if you bought $15 of participating cleaning products, that were already on sale 2 for $5, they would print you a $5.00 Catalina at the register.  the SC Johnson company was also running a Catalina deal that if you bought 2 scrubbing bubbles you would get a $2 Catalina.  This turned into a $2.00 money maker like this.  Six cans of Scribbing Bubbles with the sale cost $15.00 (2 for $5 times 3) this total triggered the $5.00 Catalina.  Then you brought in 3- $2.00 off two coupons, bringing your out of pocket expenses from $15 down to $9.  After the transaction, a $5.00 Catalina printed out, then a $2.00, then a $2.00 then another $2.00 making a total of $11 that you could spend on almost ANYTHING in the store.  My step-daughter needed cough medicine, so I picked up 2 bottles (that I didn't have coupons for) and 6 cans of Scrubbing Bubbles.  It was late at night and no one else was in line so I didn't feel badly about doing two separate transactions.  First I ran the Scrubbing Bubbles deal, paid my $10.08 (with tax) and got my $11.00 in Catalinas.  Then the medicine came to $11.60, so I paid with the Catalinas and $.60 bringing my out of pocket expense to $10.60.  I got $11.60 worth of medicine for $10.60 and they insisted I take the 6 cans of Scrubbing Bubbles with me since I "paid" for them.  There is a BIG downside to shopping like this.  My husband now thinks that since I have 25 cans of Scrubbing Bubbles that I will actually clean the shower, how sadly mistaken he truly is!  
Going through your head is wow! she is hoarding so many of these things that no one else can ever get in on that deal.  WRONG!  I did this many times over a week, never depleting the stock on the shelves, I did leave a lot of coupons for others, and even taught a random lady in the aisle how to do it too!  I try to be as courteous as I can and as a matter of fact, if you come to my house, most likely you will leave with a con of Scrubbing Bubbles just for stopping by!  The biggest drawback to Catalinas is they are only a great deal if you use them, so keep them in a place where you will have them for your next shopping trip.  This brings us onto
Coupon Organization- I have already done a post about this so I'm not going to be redundant, so check it out here.  Find what works best for you and run with it.  If you find something different, please let us know and we can add it so someone else may benefit.  
My shopping trips have changed drastically over the last few months, I HATED grocery shopping before and now it has become a game that I'm WINNING!  I used to make a list of the things I needed, forget the list and wander around the store for an hour throwing things in the cart and almost passing out at the total when I went to pay, then wondering where $250 worth of groceries where after I put them away in my cupboards.  Now I spend the most time getting organized.  I go to the store, I buy what is on sale (sometimes a few other things) and when I get to the register I have the total in my head.  If there is a HUGE difference, then I know I probably forgot to hand the cashier my coupons.  When I get home, I have to juggle things around to find places to put stuff in the 2 pantries and many cupboards we now store our stockpile.  I keep a pair of gloves by the chest freezer, because it is so full I have to rearrange every time I need to get something out (not a bad problem to have).  I also have a space in my house for donations waiting to find a good home.  I save on average 68-70% off of each order, but have saved 99% a few times.  There are the times where you have to spend more money then you thought you wanted to, but last week's rare $75 was much better than $250 every week.

The last thing you may be wondering is, "If Jennie has all the sales over at Bargain, then what the heck is the purpose of Dealin' Divas?"  We want to be an extension of what Jennie is doing over there.  We would ultimately like to organize meetings to get people together to talk, swap and donate all things coupon.  It could also serve as a teaching tool.  Jennie teaches Couponing 101 classes, and I haven't taken on yet but look forward to the day where I can fit it in my schedule and while we do NOT want to take the place of that, we realize that some people want to start now with the basic knowledge while they wait for a class to become available, we can help with that.  We are also hoping to reach enough people in and around Colorado Springs, that for a small fee, we can hire Jenny to come to one of our meetings and maybe teach her Couponing 101 class.  

I know this is a lot to take in and you should be really thankful that you weren't my new friend, Kim, yesterday trying to absorb all of this in the middle of Toys R Us, while I was talking 100 miles a minute! If you have any questions, ANY at all, please leave a comment or email us at  Let me know how your couponing adventures pan out!  Remember, not all good deals will pan out and not all cashiers know the store's policy regarding coupons, so don't get too frustrated with someone.  I usually walk away and try another store, or wait until there is another cashier available.  I try to frequent the same cashiers I have had good luck with before, it makes things smoother, but if not possible chances are that item will be on sale again soon!

Beauty and the Beast for the cost of 3 cans of soup and 2 packages of bagels!

Jennie at Bargain Blessings created this post about getting the Beauty and the Beast DVD/Blu Ray Combo pack for $2.99.  I got to TRU yesterday to cash in and the cashier asked if I wanted to pre-order Toy Story 3 for $5.00, by doing so they would give me an additional $10.00 off Beauty and the Beast.  I asked what the penalty would be for failing to pick up Toy Story 3, there is no penalty.  But the additional bonus is that if there is a good deal on TS3, then I already have paid $5.00 toward it.  The movie comes to $7.99 before tax, but follow Jennie's post and get your two mail-in rebates, you will get $10 back in the mail for buying soup and bagels.  Not a bad deal for a Blu Ray!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Darn good deals at Target and Safeway!

Today while grocery shopping I stumbled upon some great clearance sales that I wanted to share with everyone! At Safeway, I found their 75% off school supply section! I bought 2 packages of permanent markers, 2 packages of red pens, and 2 tubs of of erasers (that include pen/pencil grips!). I spent about $1.50 for everything!

At SuperTarget, they have sheet sets on clearance! For a complete twin sheet set and a complete full sheet set I spent a total of $8!!! Two sheet sets for $8! Can't go wrong there!! I also did a little Christmas shopping, since they had clearance in every department. I am trying to spend as least as possible for Christmas, however, not give up on quality! It might just be working!

Comment and tell everyone what great sales you found on your shopping trip!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Colorado Springs Independent

October is a busy month! Make sure to grab your edition of the Colorado Springs Independent every Thursday to keep tabs on the details! :)

Events in October:

* October 1st Mark Twain, Everything That Can Be Invented, Has Been Invented (free) Pull out Insert
* October 1-31 $50 dollar discounts for mammograms and bone density tests. Page 4
* October 2nd Saturday Penrose Library Teen Invention Ignition (free) pull out insert
* October 2nd Saturday Solar Tour and Expo (free) Page - Inside cover
* October 2nd Snow Bubble at Manitou Art Theater (fee) Pull out insert
* October 2nd Saturday Stop Child Trafficking Now Walk (free) Page 21
* October 2nd Saturday Tesla: Master of Lightning (free) Monument Library Pull out insert
* October 2nd Saturday Penrose Library presents Innovation with the Storm Troopers (free) Pull out insert
* October 3rd I am Nikola Tesla UCCS Theatreworks (fee) Pull out insert
* October 6th Wednesday An Evening with Wes Cowan (fee) Page 9
* October 6th Wednesday A Conversation with Erik Larson (free) Pull out insert 
* October 7th Thursday Old Colorado City Library Teen Invention Ignition (free) Pull out insert
* October 7th Thursday A Conversation with Erik Larson (fee) Pull out insert
* October 7th Thursday Book Club Cheyenne Mountain Library "The Devil in the White City" (free) pull out insert
* October 7th Thursday Book Club Fountain Library "The Devil in the White City" (free) pull out insert.
* October 7th Thursday Innovation: Elusive Creativity to Reinvent & Try Something New -Penrose Library (free) Pull out insert
* October 8th Friday Create Your Own Game East Library Pull out Insert
* October 9th Saturday Holley Library Teen Invention Ignition (free) Pull out Insert
* October 9th Saturday High Prairie Library presents Innovation with the Storm Troopers (free) Pull out insert
* October 9th Saturday Monument Library presents Snow Bubble (free) Pull out insert
* October 9th  Saturday PawtoberFest 5K (free) Page 14
* October 9th Saturday Healing Spiral led by Master Mingtong GU (free) Page 19
* October 9th Saturday View "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" Penrose Library (free) Pull out insert
* October 10th  Sunday Michael Bolton Concert Page 39
* October 10th Sunday East Library presents Snow Bubble (free) Pull out insert
* October 10th Sunday KCME will play 2 hours of "The Sound of Technology in Music" (free) Pull out insert
* October 10th Sunday A Sweet Time at the Ranch - fundraiser for parks (fee) Page 10
* October 12th Tuesday Penrose Library presents latest gadgets (free) Pull out insert
* October 12th Tuesday Old Colorado City Library presents Abracadabra: Stories from the History of Magic with Inspector Magic
* October 13th Wednesday East Library Teen Invention Ignition (free) Pull out insert
* October 13th Wednesday Panel discussion about entrepreneurs (free) Centennial Campus Atrium (free) Pull out insert
* October 14th Thursday Briargate Library Teen Invention Ignition (free) Pull out insert
* October 14th Thursday Tesla: Master of Lightning East Library (free) Pull out insert
* October 14th Thursday America's First Fantasyland, The Chicago World's Fair of 1893 PPCC Rampart Range Campus Library Pull out insert
* October 16th Saturday Fountain Library Teen Invention Ignition (free) Pull out insert
* October 16th Saturday Colo Spgs Philharmonic presents "Oh What a Night" Pikes Peak Center - Pull out Insert
* October 16th Saturday East Library presents Innovation with the Storm Troopers (free) pull out insert
*October 17th Sunday Penrose Library presents Mathtastic! from Ormao Dance Company (free) Pull out insert
* October 17th Sunday Colo Spgs Philharmonic presents "Oh What a Night" Pikes Peak Center - Pull out insert
* October 19th Tuesday Sand Creek Library Teen Invention Ignition (free) Pull out Insert
* October 19th Tuesday Mitchell High School Presents Storytelling Under the  Stars (free) pull out insert
* October 23rd Saturday Challenger Learning Center of Colorado Presents Return to the Moon (fee) pull out insert
* October 23rd Saturday East Library presents latest gadgets (free) pull out insert
* October 25th Monday The Secret Life of a Snowflake East Library (Free) Pull out insert
* October 26th Tuesday Rockrimmon Library Teen Invention Ignition (free) Pull out insert
* October 31st Sunday Murder Mystery Dinner (fee) Page27
* November 19th Friday Colo Spgs Conservatory presents "Einstein Goes to the Opera" Pull out insert
* November 19th Friday Colo Spgs Conservatory presents "Einstein Goes to the Opera" Pull out insert