Friday, October 1, 2010

Darn good deals at Target and Safeway!

Today while grocery shopping I stumbled upon some great clearance sales that I wanted to share with everyone! At Safeway, I found their 75% off school supply section! I bought 2 packages of permanent markers, 2 packages of red pens, and 2 tubs of of erasers (that include pen/pencil grips!). I spent about $1.50 for everything!

At SuperTarget, they have sheet sets on clearance! For a complete twin sheet set and a complete full sheet set I spent a total of $8!!! Two sheet sets for $8! Can't go wrong there!! I also did a little Christmas shopping, since they had clearance in every department. I am trying to spend as least as possible for Christmas, however, not give up on quality! It might just be working!

Comment and tell everyone what great sales you found on your shopping trip!

1 comment:

  1. I rocked coupons again at Toys R Us today. Two video games normally $30 each, two packages of Weebles and four Strawberry shortcake things (normally $19.99 each) for less then $60.